It's Hard to Beat our Meat

The ultimate food experience, the 2F1C journey via creative dishes and staples that are sure to entice and satisfy your appetitie!!! Thank you for joining us! 

Specialty Plates


Marinated and slow fire roasted beef served over a bed of Brazilian Garlic Rice 


Marinated and slow fire roasted pork served over a bed of Brazilian Garlic Rice 


Marinated and slow fire roasted chicken served over a bed of Brazilian Garlic Rice 


TFAC stands for Two Filipinos and a Cowboy, aka Sam, Craig and Mike.  Their passion for food and family reflects their drive for introducing and showcasing their family recipes handed down from generations. Including their previous experience in the food industry. Coupled with their experience in the entertainment and food industry, military, but all three share the same passions and patriotism for the American way of life.

All members of TFAC have had the opportunity to travel across the globe, where they learned various grilling techniques from countries such as, Brasil, Mexico, India, Japan, Korea, Thailand and the Philippines. Their backgrounds bring forward to the table a unique blend based on experiences working as food vendors at festivals and various national food chain companies. The goal of TFAC is to also expose to people their learned passion for food by mixing the flavors of their family recipes and the various flavors from around the world. 

TFAC is currently based in Little Elm, TX. They serve all of DFW with future plans to expand in other markets such as Austin, San Antonio and the neighboring the states of Texas.


You can find us at festivals and events through out North Texas, The DFW Metroplex and Poppin' up in a Neightborhood near YOU!!!

Serving up our Sampler Platter AKA The TRIFECTA at our 2F1C Tasting  Event! 

Another satisfied customer at our 2F1C Event!

Sam Johnson Elementary Carnival - Celina TX

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